Alaska Sheep Hunting

Alaska Sheep Hunting

A traditional guided hunt in the wilds of Alaska.

About Our Sheep Hunts

High Quality Hunts With: Exclusive Area, Large Animals, Professional Guides, Home Cooked Meals, Beautiful Country.

One of the largest detrimental effects to quality sheep hunts over the last 50 years has been the advent of the bush plane. Many excellent hunting areas throughout Alaska and the Yukon Territory now experience much greater hunting pressure than in the past when horses were the primary tool of access. Our competitive advantage in Dall sheep hunting is that we still use horses and go to the areas where a bush plane cannot land. Further, we live in the area where we hunt sheep and thus watch the rams throughout the year. Alaska sheep hunts in Alaska is not a part time hobby for us... it is our job and our livelihood depends on your success in the field.

Our hunting area has consistently produced good sheep for over 50 years. We maintain our trophy quality and success rate by taking a very limited amount of hunters into the field.

The dall sheep Alaska hunting offered by Wrangell Outfitters are targeted toward the sportsman who wants a very classic and exclusive experience. The hunting area that we use is an exclusive federal Concession within the Wrangell, St. Elias National Park Preserve. Wrangell Outfitters is the only company that can contract hunts for this area. Horses are used to access the distant corners of the hunting area and help to create the nostalgic feel of the classic Alaskan Safari. Attention to detail results in excellent staff, equipment, and meals. Our horn size is consistently larger than the Alaskan average. Hunts are run on a 1 guide to 1 hunter ratio unless otherwise desired.

These hunts are of the highest quality, period.

Alaska Sheep Hunting

Wrangell Mountain Sheep Hunting

Sheep Hunting FAQ's

Some of the normal questions we get asked include:

  • What's your success rate?

    100% success rate in 2016

  • What's your average sheep horn size?

    35x13 heavy double broomed, 36x12.5 heavy double broomed, 35x14, 35x13.5, 37.5x14, 38.5x14.25

  • How many sheep do you harvest each year?

    Only take 3-6 sheep hunters per year.

  • What style of hunting are your sheep hunts?

    Classic Fair Chase Hunts.

  • How large of an area do you cover?

    500+ square mile exclusive hunting in Wrangell St. Elias National Park Preserve.

Our Sheep Gallery

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