Historic Horsfeld


Wrangell Outfitters is the legal name of a place and a dream. The place is located on the eastern edge of the Wrangell St. Elias National Park Preserve at a location called Horsfeld. There, in the early 1900's a miner named Joe Horsfeld found gold in a small valley that now bears his name. In 1911, two cabins were built at the confluence of Horsfeld Creek and Beaver Creek. These two structures were the beginning of a camp that has been used by miners, geologists, surveyors, and guides for over one hundred years. In the 1970's, a hunting guide named Herb Stevens built another cabin for a cook house, a couple of tent frames for his clients, and a corral for his horses. Small improvements have been made to enliven the comforts of the place, but none that have sacrificed the vintage feel of a real life 19th century era horse ranch.

Horsfeld today is a rustic and comfortable base camp with a central cookhouse, bathhouse, and tent cabins for sleeping. Our range horses, used on the trips, live in the area year round. They provide a gentle, confident and relaxed mode of transportation in the wilderness, as well as a piece of living history. Using horses, while uncommon in most of the state has been successful in this area since the Chisana Gold Rush of 1913.

Horsfeld will invite you to feel the wildness of the early explorers, while providing a rich experience with tasteful trips, delicious food, and a rich history.

Join us on a planned or custom trip through the Wrangells. We offer seasonally guided backpacking, horse pack trips, horse assisted hiking, fishing, rafting, photography, and hunting.