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About Our Grizzly Hunts

The challenge of the arctic grizzly lures the truest of hunters. Arctic grizzlies are hard to locate, challenging to stalk, and very difficult to kill. Arctic Grizzlies are genetically the same species as the coastal brown bear. That is where the similarities end. Living hand to mouth on sparse high country fare of mountain dryess and berries and the occasional ground squirrel, arctic grizzlies are tougher and more aggressive than their coastal brothers. They have to be tougher in order to compete with the smaller food supply. The longer and colder winters in the high country also make for longer and better hair quality. Their size is smaller than their Coastal cousins, the hair quality invariably longer and better. The coloration patterns are also very unique to the individual animal. We have a very high population of mountain grizzlies and strongly encourage hunters to take them. Our guided grizzly bear hunts for these animals yield very good results.

Alaska Grizzly Hunting

Alaskan Grizzly Hunting

Grizzly Hunting FAQ's

Some of the normal questions we get asked include:

  • How many bears do you harvest each year?

    Take 2-4 bear hunters per year.

  • What style of hunting are your sheep hunts?

    Classic fair chase hunts, with alpine hunting offering great visibility.

  • How large of an area do you cover?

    500+ square mile exclusive hunting in Wrangell St. Elias National Park Preserve.

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